Samt n.– Making no sound; quiet; still

Arabic for silence, Samt is a virtual platform for research and exhibition that functions in annual volumes, and mainly exists online through

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Samt‘s mission corresponds to and expands on five main pillars:

#Censorship and Conversation
Samt's main objective is to assist all users of creative fields, who are living in or have self-limiting relations with, a politically/culturally censored region, to practice their right to free expression through the medium of contemporary art and anonymity.

#Geography and Accessibility
Samt manifests primarily in a digital format that aims to open the receptivity of Art and Discourse from Southwestern Asia and North Africa to an international audience from all regions with no Geo-political restrictions on humans or art.

#Mentorship and Research
Samt‘s emphasis on research manifests through its integrated mentorship program over a period of 4 months. Selected contributors will be exposed to workshops, in-depth readings and critiques, helping them build confidence and longevity in their practice to live up to international standards.

#Exposure and Opportunity (Sawt)
Sawt, Arabic for noise, is the physical parallel to Samt and is a collective of micro-events around the world, that are curated in dialogue with the digital issue and perform as forums for free discussion and verbal feedback. Sawt’s main target is to instigate a dialogue between the artist and their audience through seminars, public QnAs and open discussions.

#Urban Mission
Samt’s Urban Mission is to activate socially remote and hidden communities through the conversion of informal shops, private houses, etc. into spaces for art, conversation, and research, existing within and through the occupied space rather than affecting or overpowering it’s original identity.

Rukn Al Nojoom
For Women’s Gar And Tailoring

On November 2018 Samt converted its first urban space (originally a women‘s tailoring shop) into its primary physical gallery. Located in Um Suqqaim and obscured by shops, residential villas and buildings, Rukn Al Nojoom quickly grew into a space for art discourse and critical thinking.


Samt is currently a self funded, not for profit organisation that relies on relations and shared visions of a free and more accessible art discourse and research.

Walid Al Wawi, Co founder and Director
Sargon Latchin, Co founder

Guest curators:
Tara Aldughaither
Areej Kaoud

Previous collaborators:
Darat Al Funun, Amman
TATE Exchange, London
Grey Noise Gallery, Dubai
Satellite Art Space, Dubai

Previous contributors:
Abdulrahim Alkindi
Anood Al Obaidly
Antony Crossfield
Areej Kaoud
Bu Yousif
Dinkha Latchin
Fadi Zumot
Hadil Moufti
Hussein Hassan
Karam Natour
Kareem Samara
Mahmoud Safadi
Mays Albeik
Mazen Al Ashkar
Mohamed Khalid
Moza Almatrooshi
Mustafa Boga
Rania Jishi
Reem Falaknaz
Reem Kelain
Saif Mhaisen
Sara Masinae
Sarah Alagroobi
Sarah Brahim
Tara Aldughaither
Tulip Hazbar

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Volume 4
Dajal   دَجَل

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The sun is rising on a morning already thick with heat
The birds’ complaints are loud and long
A song I know all too well and find a strange comfort in
I’ve been up for hours already, moving beneath the cover of night at first
But the sun lifted its head and so did I

The proof of what begun was a scarlet letter scouring flesh
I can see it shimmering like a pearl beneath the sun’s curious rays
Even with my nose and mouth covered
I will choke on the insidious pathway it has carved makes my blood run cold
Canary yellow is my colour

Trailed down the middle of the bodice reminded him of my eyes
It feels like sacrilege to erase the beauty that once stood there
For a moment I stand staring at the two
Once familiar they sway like strangers before me
Flinch with every finch

Already the sun has begun to dry
There’s no removing them
She gathers her soft folds in my arms
The memory of bare toes and marveling fingertips
The sun is higher

The memory still serves it’s purpose
The scenes would have lost some of their clarity over time
Alas, the sun would make it better
The sun would make it right

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Her eyes were raining in great sheets
Rapidly darkening into the hue
It made her seasick
Empty hollows of her blue

The memory was an old veteran
Billowing and budding through
Her face was canary yellow
Empty hollows of her blue

The space steamed over with the breath
The Mecca she never returned to
Guffaw of mirth drifted out
Empty hollows of her blue

After all, it was her funeral
And for this I thank you
Pitter patter went the rain she said
Empty hollows of her blue

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Collaborations in order of appearence:
2019, Lisan, Video, 17 min, Tara Aldughaither
2019, The Space Between, Video, 14:47 min, Sarah Brahim
2019, Syria Serenading Graveyards at Dusk, Video, 05:05 min, Sarah Alagroobi
2019, Fate, Site specific sculpture, Variable dimentions, Abdulrahim Al Kindi

Curation and mentorship by:
Tara Aldughaither, Walid Al Wawi & Sargon Latchin

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Your donations help Samt remain independent by supporting itself and its artists’ practice with minimum need for exterior funding bodies.