Samt n.– Making no sound; quiet; still
Arabic for silence, Samt is a virtual platform for art and research that functions in periodic volumes, and mainly exists online through

Founded by Walid Al Wawi in 2017, Samt’s mission centres around challenging the political economy and institutional hierarchy of the art system, by shifting the receptivity of art discourse from the conventional state of physical geographies to a fluid and contemporary techno-digital approach.

In 2022 in collaboration with Ragini Nagu, Samt further expanded on its mission with the creation of Samt Alternative Art School (SAAS); an experimental rethinking of creative methodologies structured around themes of indigenous wisdom and holistic wellness.

SAAS’s pedagogy excavates ancestral mysticism through the somatic system as a mode of resistance and authentic production; combating the colonialist Eurocentric academia, capitalistic frameworks and patriarchal dominance of the historical and contemporary art canon.

Founding Director:
Walid Al Wawi

Leading Matriarch:
Ragini Nagu
Guest curators:
Sarah Al Agroobi
Tara Aldughaither
Areej Kaoud

Previous collaborators:
Darat Al Funun, Amman
TATE Exchange, London
Grey Noise Gallery, Dubai
Satellite Art Space, Dubai

Previous contributors:
Abdulrahim Alkindi
Anood Al Obaidly
Antony Crossfield
Areej Kaoud
Bu Yousif
Dinkha Latchin
Fadi Zumot
Hadil Moufti
Hussein Hassan
Karam Natour
Kareem Samara
Mahmoud Safadi
Mays Albeik
Mazen Al Ashkar
Mohamed Khalid
Moza Almatrooshi
Mustafa Boga
Reem Falaknaz
Reem Kelain
Saif Mhaisen
Sara Masinae
Sarah Alagroobi
Sarah Brahim
Tara Aldughaither
Tulip Hazbar
Aya Afaneh
Mashael Al Saie
Shaima Shamsi
Fatima Uzdenova
Behnoosh Feiz
Vedika Kushalappa
Layal Berberi
Dania Al Tamimi
Rawd Halawani
Yal Solan

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